DJ Lovie

Join the closing night of the Performa 2023 Biennial. Music by DJ Lovie.



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Performa 2023 Grand Finale

Join the closing night of the Performa 2023, immediately following the final performance of the biennial by Göksu Kunak. Music by DJ Lovie.

About DJ Lovie

Lovie's music discovery was born in the digital music age: a young lover of local radio and after-school MTV marathons, her early mixes took shape in the form of burned CDs she composed for friends. In relocating from her hometown of Washington, D.C. to New York in August of 2020, Lovie's unique selection swiftly ushered her into New York's local music scene; she had yet to play beyond the confines of her bedroom when she pitched a show to The Lot Radio, and her show Summer School Radio quickly garnered a devoted following amongst music lovers and local DJs alike.