Performa Hub sketch by Assaf Kimmel.

DJ Celes

Launch of the Performa 2023 Hub.

Performa Hub sketch by Assaf Kimmel.



Performa Hub
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Forever Radical – Launch of the Performa Hub

Performa Hub Event

4 – 5 PM RoseLee Goldberg and Beatrix Ruf: A Conversation.

Two seasoned and inventive curators, RoseLee Goldberg and Beatrix Ruf, meet to discuss the formation of an extraordinary partnership formed in 2022 between their organizations, the Hartwig Art Foundation in Amsterdam and Performa in New York. Ruf and Goldberg describe the possibilities of straddling two cities as well as their radical approach to institution building around the globe.

The conversation will cover some of their plans going forward, including co-commissions, the continued expansion of the Performa Archive, and an education program that will further link both organizations. The first Performa-Hartwig Art Foundation Curatorial Fellows (2023-2025), Sakhi Gcina and Nour El Helou, will be introduced.

5 – 5:30 PM Conversation between Performa's Defne Ayas and architect Assaf Kimmel.

Performa Hub architect Assaf Kimmel and Performa Senior Program Advisor and Curator at Large Defne Ayas reflect on what a space for the performing arts of the future is––one that is adaptable, public-facing, and able to embody a multiplicity of diverse artistic voices. A space in which we can imagine modes of collective thriving through the infinite possibilities of the medium of performance.

6 PM Performa Archives Music Remix by DJ Celes. 20 years of Performa music weaved into one hour of immersion.

About DJ Celes

DJ Celes is a NYC based DJ.


Supported by The Hartwig Art Foundation.

Performa Team

Founding Director and Chief Curator: RoseLee Goldberg

Senior Program Advisor and Curator at Large: Defne Ayas

Hartwig Art Foundation Archives Fellow: Nour El Helou