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Søren Aagaard

A sci-fi fantasy cooking session riffing on the New Nordic movement and prepping for an uncertain future, the audience is invited to attend the creation of a menu of locally sourced foods and survivalist preparations. The all-star cast includes Chef Matthew Weingarten, Chef Markus Oxelman, Chef Jackie Gordon, Chef Erica Wides and food historian and Chef Scott Alves Barton. Co-produced with Art Hub, Copenhagen.

Photo and editing Søren Aagaard. 2023


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Søren Aagaard. Photo credit: Courtesy of the artist

Cafe Zero – A nomadic smoke and fermentation house with no seasons

Performa Hub Event

In this sci-fi fantasy cooking session following the New Nordic movement, the audience is invited to attend the preparation of a menu of locally sourced food products such as oysters, pastrami, and vegetables grown through vertical farming practices. Audiences will navigate two tents, one serving as an ice box and the other, functioning as a fermentation chamber, oven, and smoke sauna where you can cook, enjoy the warmth, and relax. The performers perform a script made from recorded and transcribed kitchen conversation combined with themes of dystopia, tradition, and other future visions with fragments from films and song lyrics. They will be dressed in uniforms designed in collaboration with the Danish designer Anne Sofie Madsen.

About Søren Aagaard

Søren Aagaard (b. 1980, DK) is a trained chef and artist who works with video, sculpture, performance, and installation art. Especially food and the meal as a temporally and performative event are important parts of Aagard’s practice. Through his interest in specific products and cultural, sociological, and culinary history of different places, Aagaard speaks about phenomena of our time such as climate change, social hierarchies, and the worship of nostalgia and genius in the art and culinary world. Aagaard is educated from The Royal Danish Academy of Art in 2013 and has also studied at Malmö Art Academy. The last five years, he has shown his work and participated extensively in international exhibitions, cooking projects, and film festivals.


Co-produced with Art Hub, Copenhagen

Performa Team

Managing Director and Executive Producer: Esa Vincenty Nickle

Performa 2023 Baltic Fellow: Kerly Ritval