Dancers on rainbow lit stage

Anna Maria Häkkinen

Anna Maria Häkkinen’s newest work takes minimalist dance as a point of departure, exploring the sublime through ideas of surrender, release, tempo, autonomy and cooperation. Collaborating with an emerging generation of New York dance artists, Häkkinen reinterprets Judson Dance Theater figure Lucinda Childs, creating a bridge between the past and the present through an original score featuring a harpist and electronic dance music.

Anna Maria Häkkinen, DANCE, Zodiak, 2018. Photo by Katri Naukkarinen.


The Arts Center at Governors Island
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Photo: Sini Pelkki

Afterglow, low lingering slips of light

Helsinki-based choreographer and artist Anna Maria Häkkinen is known for incorporating elements of physical movement, body contact sports, and sculptural composition into her work. For her New York debut, Häkkinen begins with the question: “How to bring back dance again?” The performance embraces minimalist dance principles, exploring the sublime through ideas of surrender, release, tempo, autonomy and cooperation to transfigure choreography into luminous states of trance. Häkkinen works with an emerging generation of New York dance artists, paying homage to figures such as Judson Dance Theater founding members Lucinda Childs and Yvonne Rainer. Erupting the floor with interwoven patterns, the performance aims to strike a balance between unpredictability and synchronicity with the dance ensemble. Arranged through fragments of electronic dance music and live instrumental melodies attuned to sundown, the performance will feature her group of creative collaborators, including harpist and composer Keliel (Eliel Tammiharju), dancer Emmi Venna, and dramaturg Emil Santtu Uuttu forming new constellations of movement in space.

i… Waves, side steps

ii… Thin line drawn on an envelope

iii… As I follow a tide (cat paw, waves)

iv… Pony jump spirals

v… Slowing to a pause

vi… Pony jump spirals, variation

vii… Melting on 3, collapsing on 3

viii… Wide spiral narrow narrow

ix… Waves, side steps

x… Pony jump spirals, further variations

Music by Keliel

In the passing moments of ordinary sunsets / 15 BPM

Afterglow / 103 BPM

Thin lights / 135 BPM

Muistisääntö erilaisia säännöllisesti toistuvia ajankohtia varten ("Mnemonic for various regularly recurring points in time") / 105 BPM

Airflorescense (affective repetition edit) / 125 BPM

Curated by Job Piston, Curator at Large. A co-production with LMCC.

This performance requires a free 10 min ferry transfer from the Governors Island Ferry at 3:45pm.

About Anna Maria Häkkinen

Anna Maria Häkkinen is a Helsinki-based choreographer and dancer who incorporates elements from somatic movement practices, body contact sports, and sculptural compositions to forge innovative forms of dance and movement. Her latest work explores the intersections of minimalist principles and sensory experience, weaving them to create compelling choreographic narratives. She graduated from the University of the Arts Theatre Academy Helsinki with an MA in Choreography in 2012, and since has performed in notable venues across Finland, the Baltics and Europe.


Co-produced with the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. Additional support provided by rendezvous, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Arts Management Helsinki, and Arts Promotion Centre Finland.


The Finnish Pavilion Without Walls is supported by Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation, the Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland, Saastamoinen Foundation, the Finnish Cultural Institute New York, FRAME, and Consulate General Finland.


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Raymond Pinto

Isa Spector

Emmi Venna

Kate Williams

Anna Therése Witenberg

Angel Zinovieff


Anna Maria Häkkinen, choreographer

In collaboration with:

Emil Santtu Uuttu, dramaturg

Keliel (aka Eliel Tammiharju), sound designer and harpist

Emmi Venna, dance artist

Erno Aaltonen, light and space advisor

Special Thanks

Buffy, Hanna Ahti, Sini Pelkki, Outi Järvinen, Gregg Cohenca and LMCC Staff.

Performa Team

Curator at Large: Job Piston

Performa 2023 Associate Producer: Josie Bettman

Performa 2023 Baltic Fellow: Kerly Ritval